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This is the official website of the British portrait painter, presenter and late 19th century social historian, Michael Koropisz.

He recently made world headlines not only as

"The Artist to the Stars" due to his celebrity clientele, but for his interest in 19th century social history, which led to many television and news appearances.


Michael is also a television presenter and has starred in videos, interviews, art related projects and adverts with major online newspapers, ITV's This Morning, Coronation Street and media pages such as LADBible, all on several occasions. These also include both national and international press projects.

For television appearances, please use the contact form.

If you wish to commission a portrait, please know that Michael has a long and very selective waiting list and may not be able to get back to you. 

You may use the contact form to enquire.

"It is said that if art represents the society in which it was created, then ours must be falling apart. But if we change the art, we may be able to change society."
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